Thursday, May 05, 2005

No One smells like Poonam....

Poonam...a.k.a Lola..smells things differently...

b/c smell- b/c everyone has a distinct scent

every place has distinct scent

every moment that is significant in our lives is also associated with a distinct scent

like during the monsoon in mumbai,

when i come home and my mum is making something yummy,

or the smell at my beach, of sand and the ocean

of coffee on a saturday morning,

the smell of shopping,

the smell of new clothes,

the smell of unopened books,

the smell of old clothes and all the warmth and memories caught in them,

the smell of peanuts and hotdogs in new york,

the smell of flowers in a temple,

the smell of spring,

the smell of my daffodils,

the smell of orange scented flowers,

the scent of christmas lillies,

the scent of christmas,

the smell of fireworks at diwali,

the smell of my dad, with all his warmth and love,

the smell of my fav perfume,

the scent of being totally content at one particular time

the scent of silence